Yesterday, as Dan Fromson expertly and quickly wrote up, Zeke Emanuel and Sam Kass came over from the White House to the Newseum to talk Food For the First Family, the First Lady's Let's Move program, the great garden on the White House lawn, the equally great, if temporary, Woodstock-like gathering of chefs on the White House lawn for the Chefs Move to Schools initiative, which just unveiled tool kits of donated pots, pans, and knives that have been sent to 1,000 schools:

It was a great interview, and even greater was my surprise when Zeke handed me a jar of the jam he wrote about on the Food Channel! I put it not-so-discreetly in my pocket, but ... couldn't contain myself by midafternoon. And it's fantastic: really pure fruit, and none of that wine-talk jammy raisin stuff. It's a Disney version of raspberry, color- and flavor-enhanced though I know from his very simple recipe that it's just raspberries and sugar. Last Tuesday, at my local farmers' market in Jamaica Plain, I bought (and went through) four boxes of raspberries. I can only pray there will be some left next week. There certainly won't be any jam.

Make his recipe while the fall sets in! The jam will set, too. And many thanks to him and Sam Kass for a terrific opening to the Washington Ideas Forum.

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