Tofu Dogs and Tofurky: The Latest on Fake Meat

Great discoveries in meat substitute technology: meat flavors can make tofu taste better, and more



I'm traveling, which means it's time to catch up on saved posts. Here's one from that I've been wanting to share. It's a collection of articles on meat substitutes.

Meat substitutes? I don't know how you feel about this sort of thing, but any kind of substitute violates one of my food rules: "Never eat anything artificial."

Never mind. Meat substitutes are the way food technologists respond to nutritionists' advice to eat less meat.

Here is what has to say about this approach:

Where's the beef? The cutting edge of meat substitute innovation: Vegetarian protein options have come a long way from the once-ubiquitous lentils and tofu as food scientists have stepped up to the challenge of creating innovative meat substitutes.

Have meat substitutes missed the boat? Many consumers around the globe are turning away from meat as health, price, and ethical concerns grow. But the latest market research indicates that meat substitutes are failing to pick up the slack.

Bring back the meat: How flavours can boost product quality: Meat flavors can be give an intense meaty note to products made with meat substitutes and instant foods, as well as provide a more authentic and intense taste in meat-containing products, says Symrise director.

TNO to explore meat alternatives and oils from algae: TNO has teamed up with industrial algae producer Ingrepro Renewables for a two-year research project investigating the extraction of proteins, healthy oils, and possible carbohydrates from algae.

Seeing red: The health implications of meat consumption: Headlines continue to raise concerns over the health effects of excessive meat consumption, a situation that is boosting consumer interest in meat substitutes. But what does the science say about meat and health?