I Went Salmon Fishing, Too


Alaskan Seafood Marketing Institute

Last week I went on the same Alaskan fishing expedition Marion did, and admit that I accepted the kind invitation of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute chiefly for the pleasure of her incomparably lucid, penetratingly analytical company. I wasn't disappointed—or in the wonderful company of the participants. Here we are at left consulting the nutrition box on a package of Saltines--an activity akin to learning to conduct "West Side Story" from Leonard Bernstein.

Much more on them and the trip later, and a photo fest, too, plus an account I can't wait to read of the final salmon banquet, a true feast featuring fish caught by the fellow traveler who promises he's hooked and on the line.

And, being Marion, she's already posted some of her observations, with damnable efficiency and of course clarity. Who does she think she is, James Fallows? Yet another impossible model for us to try to live up to. In the meantime, read her thoughts.