If I End Up Moving to Munster, Indiana ...

... this will be the reason: Munster's own Three Floyds Brewpub. I haven't yet been there, but from buying their wares in Chicago supermarkets I will assert that Three Floyds makes as consistently excellent a range of beers as any outfit I have ever come across. (And yes I'm talking about you, Lagunitas -- and North Coast, and Rogue, and Stone, and Victory, and Full Sail, and REEB, and ....)

Flagship drink: Alpha King Pale Ale, shown with apartment-window vista of Hyde Park, Chicago, as background (explanation later).

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Beer advocate rave about Alpha King here and the full Three Floyds line here. Formal, studio-lit beer-porn portrait of A.K. right here:


And best of all, I see that the brewpub in Munster is... right next to a small airport! Just like my beloved Hangar 24 brewpub in Redlands, Ca.

For upcoming discussion: many other excellent Midwestern microbrews that have recently won my heart. Who says America is on the wrong track?