Thanks, Food Channel Contributors!

Last week, the American Society of Magazine Editors announced its finalists for its Digital Media awards (Ellies, or National Magazine Awards). was nominated for General Excellence and Blogging, large tributes to Bob Cohn, head of the site and master of the ship, and Andrew Sullivan. And the Food Channel was on the list, nominated for Regular Department or Section, which "recognizes the distinctive voice and unified design of a department or section of a magazine website or online-only magazine."

Pretty nice surprise for a section that began three months into the year, and pretty nice to be up against such spiffy competition (none of it about food). Seeing as it's quite so spiffy, it likely won't be necessary for me to offer thanks the day of the ceremony, March 18, so let me give some now.

We'd be nowhere, let alone on such a great list, if it weren't for the terrific work of our writers. Every day they bring style and substance to a world that keeps changing and becoming only more exciting. Getting to learn from and work with them--guided by our sensational producers, Eleanor Barkhorn (now presiding over the Culture Channel) and Dan Fromson, and our original and master mentor, Mike Nizza--has been a pretty incredible pleasure and privilege. It still is, every day. Thanks to you all.

UPDATE: The award goes to...Sports Illustrated, one of the most active and jam-packed of any magazine site, by a much-admired print-to-digital innovator. Congratulations to them--and if we had to lose, an honor to lose to the Super Bowl!