Welcome to a New Look

This morning the redesigned TheAtlantic.com makes its long-awaited debut. Very long awaited. The various channels of the site haven't had much of a way to communicate with each other, which has made tending to the site as a whole a practically unsurmountable task, even though the terrific and tireless team that tends it has done remarkable work surmounting it.

That means that the Food Channel has a new look—and a look much like the other channels, including the exciting debut of the Culture Channel, edited by our longtime producer and continuing adviser and champion, Eleanor Barkhorn. I can't wait to see what she and Ta-Nehisi Coates have been planning for lo these many months.

And we've got changes you'll see right now—the Big Picture, as we now call the look of our main feature, the (awful, of course!) small picture of me instead of a caricature, the disappearance of the endearing department icons on the right. Today's Specials has moved a bit down the page in the middle, but still has all the sass that Dan Fromson, our ace producer, and our marvelously able Jennifer Ward Barber bring to it every day. We've got a great new recipe finder, which will get even better. And the departments aren't gone—they'll be back after some kinks are worked out, in new and improved format.

Most important, of course, are our fantastic contributors, who are all here and growing, and Dan and Jen keeping all of them—and me—in line and at our best day after day.

Tell us what you think! Tinkering time begins. What's missing, what can't you find anymore, what do you want to be able to find, what will make life, and viewing, easier? Tell us at food@theatlantic.com

But for today, many congratulations to Bob Cohn (whose own snappy introductory welcome is here), Scott Havens, and Betsy Ebersole, who have spent months and months working to reach this day. Great work, all!