Zeke Is Back, (Unwillingly) In A Tuxedo

While he's been a bit busy with "changing the game" of health care in this country, Ezekiel Emanuel has still, on occasion, been eating, and on very rare occasion at fancy occasions.

In a funny post he points out what should be obvious and somehow slips the mind of most people who pay $1,000 and up a plate: that plate will never, ever hold anything halfway edible.

I'll let Zeke characterize the quality of most catered food. But, as a longtime tie-tier and lesson-giver I'll say my pet peeve about throwing on a dinner jacket, which is inevitably what one does, late and after a long day and often an irritating trip: the suspenders, or "braces," as we're supposed to call them. The buttons! The unexpected twists at the back where you can't see! Makes bad catered food sound good.