Push An Atlantic Writer Around

PUSH AN ATLANTIC WRITER AROUND Don't say you haven't wanted to. Seize the moment--seize the summer.

This morning Terrence Henry announces, with a dramatic map and a dramatic flourish, the kind of road trip anyone with half a palate is dying to take: a couple months of hitting every one-horse town and shining metropolis on the map with a restaurant, truck stop, or food maker worth stopping at. It's part of the year-long early retirement he's been making pretty brilliant use of.

Terrence has assembled an enormous amount of information about places he should want to go, has always hankered to go, thinks might be worth a stop--and here's where you come in. He needs advice. Crowdsouced groupthink, call it whatever you want. But he's bold and intent on eating his up and down and across the U.S. and has got no beef against Canada:

Before each stop, we'll be soliciting advice on "must-eats" and conducting polls where you can vote on which place we'll visit. It's not limited to restaurants--we want to find amazing cheeses, innovative farmers, great distilleries, inspiring markets and forward-looking brewers. With your help, my ambition is to spend the next few months enjoying (and reporting on) the many culinary delights out there.

So help him out! Steer him toward what's true and with luck good--and you well know the difference. Feel free to contribute if you've only been to or know once place. That's the good part of crowdsourcing. We'll edit. He'll edit. You'll all have much more than enough fodder for your own future road trips.

His first stop is Montreal, and he wants to know where to find the city's best bagels. Vote below: