You might have heard that it's been raining in the Northeast. You might have read a newspaper like our own Globe, which ran this page-one story about June's "washing out all over."

But hope goes on, for all those vegetables come July, for heat maybe this week. Meanwhile, Daphne Zepos gives us an idea for how to choose and pair summer cheeses with the primeurs vegetables she found at her farmers' market--even if the current weather could easily ripen any cheese and encourage mold on the ones that aren't supposed to have it. And an idea for a salad that hurries summer up even with the green tomatoes that are the only honest ones anyone can find yet. This afternoon Ari Weinzweig tells us about a new color for barbecue that's old in South Carolina--yellow.

For escapism now as we wait for heat--I almost (almost) envied my New Orleans friend Brett Anderson when he began a note yesterday, "Greetings from the Big Sauna"--Alex Whitmore takes us to Chiapas as he searches for cacao to suit not only his Fair Trade imperatives but also the flavor profile he needs for his signature Taza chocolate bar. That bar with this cacao, he says, is coming next month. Meanwhile, waiting for the chill and rain to end, I'm going to search for some chocolate to keep me alert till then.

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