What Do Fresh Turkey Eggs Taste Like?

niman mar12 turkeyeggs.jpg

Photo by Nicolette Hahn Niman

As budding turkey farmers, we are often asked these questions: "What do turkey eggs look like?" and "What do turkey eggs taste like?" In outward appearance, they are quite distinct from chicken eggs. They're notably larger and are generally speckled with a deep reddish pattern.

Before the breeding started, we got the occasional (unfertilized) egg from our turkey hens. We'd crack them open and fry them up. To us, they tasted very much like chicken eggs. In fact, we confess that neither of us could tell a difference.

As spring approaches and the days lengthen, our turkey hens are really starting to produce eggs--they are "coming into lay," as turkey farmers say. The hens are again with the turkey toms and our breeding season is underway. Thus, we are saving all of our turkey eggs in hopes that they are fertilized and will mature into baby turkeys ("poults"). We promise to keep you up to date on this new venture.