Were You on Vacation?

It was Jerry Baldwin who first said to me, "As soon as someone starts telling me what their favorite coffee is, I stop them and ask, 'Were you on vacation?'" It's a surefire question. I've tried it on many occasions, and the answer is usually a laugh and an embarrassed yes.

This morning Jerry gives us a number of the ones he remembers, and offers a charming suggestion about just what I can do about the Peet's blend I still can't match, Sierra Dorada. It won't help in the short term, but there's always hope: if enough people protest and petition, maybe it can come back.

I didn't ask Jerry whether he'd encountered any of the ones he mentions this morning on vacation. But feel free to share with him any of your memories--on vacation or sitting in a coffee shop or, and this I'll want to hear, even in the office.