This Week on the Food Channel

So, I'm just back and the terrific team that keeps this site refreshed each and every day, the fabulous Max Fisher, Eleanor Barkhorn, and Mara Gay, reminded me of some of our best posts this week--a great time to remind you, and a great Friday habit to get into.

Their report:

We learned the possible risks of pork, especially political. But we also learned the joys, and Corby had a particularly hammy week: bacon with everything, and, in Italy, a visit to cellars to see and taste the king of Parma hams.

In culinary innovation, Terrence Henry argued that sometimes bad science ruins good food. Grant Achatz explored food that changes mid-course. Sally Schneider wrote on how to improvise in the kitchen.

We traveled to Aruba for love, Mexico for chocolate, and the past for babka.

A vegetarian shared his experiences and his recipes. An advocate of sustainable food shared her theories on evolution and dining. And we met movie-star chickens.

We also made six additions to our ever-expanding and ever-greater recipe library! Be sure to check out our instructions for how to make black bean and jalapeno soup, roasted vegetable stock, southwestern corn pudding, vegetarian enchilada sauce, essential chocolate cake, and rhubarb with berries and candied ginger. Remember, now's the season for rhubarb. It's even coming up in the White House garden.