Welcome to the newest channel of TheAtlantic.com. It's about food, but like everything else in The Atlantic, it's about much more than that: politics, business, literature, the environment -- most of all, pleasure.

The people you'll find here are the ones who have shaped my thinking over the years I've been trying to understand how to eat and drink: the unfiltered voices of people who do -- who find food, grow it, make it, and shape the tastes and policies that put food in our markets and on our tables. And they're people whose voices I just like listening to.

You won't find the marvelous multiplicity of the vox populi and the comprehensive listings of many of the sites I admire and you probably do, too: Serious Eats, Chow, the Internet Food Association, Civil Eats, Grub Street, The Feedbag--the nearly endless daily feast, much of whose best and most provocative daily posts you'll find in "Today's Specials," in the left column of our home page.

Instead you'll find a tasting menu with what I hope will be just enough writing and pictures to keep you nourished but a little hungry for what's next. I've taken the approach of our debut Back of the House blogger Grant Achatz, who'll be describing a revolution and evolution in his own thinking about food, who got it in turn from his mentor Thomas Keller: after three bites you're ready to move on. Well, sometimes it's six bites -- depends which day you ask them. Here you'll find bites of many sizes.

On the right of the home page you'll find twelve departments that showcase some of the wisest and most authoritative people in the worlds of food, wine, and coffee, and many delightful fresh ones. What unites them all is passion, infinite curiosity, and openness to new tastes and new thoughts.

In the weeks leading up to this launch, I've been surprised and delighted by them day after day. Same goes for the young and snazzy crew of Atlantic producers, who make this site look beautiful and keep it, and me, running. I'm really pleased you get to join us -- and look forward to your company and your help guiding us on our savory explorations. Tell us what you think! Pack just your curiosity and hunger please.

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