Compost is not necessarily the most inviting topic -- unless Carol Ann Sayle is writing about it. Her enthusiasm, patience, and charm make me want to go to Boggy Creek Farm, in Austin, a few days a week, and I'm just glad to get to go along guided by the sound of her voice.

Our man in Buenos Aires, Terrence Henry, is also a world diner with extensive Washington experience, as his thoughtful post today makes clear. If restaurant owners are to find a way out of the recession, these are some of the mildly wild ways they'll be able to do it (Watch for another opinion on this subject coming up very soon).

Do not miss Grant Achatz's cri de coeur on his growing disenchantment with what looks like a bag of tricks of food science and a term he uses only wryly and reluctantly, "molecular gastronomy." I'm fascinated with the new creative path he says he's looking for and will document with us. We're all lucky to be present at the creation.

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