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an older man looks at his adult daughter

Dear Therapist: My Daughter Hasn’t Wanted a Relationship With Me for 25 Years

I want to reestablish our connection, but she won’t even acknowledge me at family events.

Growing Up in a House Full of Perfect Dogs

For a mother-daughter show-dog team, life revolves around the dogs—breeding them, training them, grooming them, and showing them.

Why Swedes Are Chiller Parents Than Americans

A new book looks at the wide variety of parenting styles around the world.

Active-Shooter Drills Are Tragically Misguided

There’s scant evidence that they’re effective. They can, however, be psychologically damaging—and they reflect a dismaying view of childhood.

A dad watches his daughter grow up

Dear Therapist: I Looked Through My Daughter’s Phone, and I Didn’t Like What I Saw

I thought something was off about one of her new friends—and my suspicions were right.

A zombie hand giving the thumbs-up, à la a Facebook "like"

Facebook: Where Friendships Go to Never Quite Die

On its 15th anniversary, a look at how the site has changed social life by keeping weak connections on life support forever

The Hardship of a Very Open Adoption

In Rock Needs River, Vanessa McGrady tells of how she invited her daughter's biological parents into her own home, and everyone had to live with the consequences.

Cities Aren’t Built for Parents

The death of a young mother who fell in a New York City subway station has drawn scrutiny to the inaccessibility of public-transit systems.

An empty football field at night.

Rural Communities Struggle to Adapt to Life Without Football

Declining participation has led some high schools to cancel their football seasons, and players aren't the only ones feeling the loss.

Many Families May Need Months to Recover From the Shutdown

As federal employees and contractors return to work, they’re still processing some of the emotional and financial stress of the past six weeks.

young hand underneath elderly hand

The Generation of Grandparents Who Keep Their Grandchildren Afloat

They’re eager to help out—even if that means putting themselves at financial risk.

A person vacuums a hardwood floor.

The Crushing Logistics of Raising a Family Paycheck to Paycheck

Stephanie Land’s new memoir, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive, sheds light on the grueling work—and the bureaucratic complications—of being a maid and a single mother.

Dear Therapist: I’m Dating a Divorced Man With Kids, and It’s Harder Than I Thought

His ex-wife is constantly texting and calling him about problems with their kids, and I can’t help but feel annoyed.

Women wait in a long line for a restroom at a sports stadium.

The Long Lines for Women’s Bathrooms Could Be Eliminated. Why Haven’t They Been?

It’s been more than 30 years since states started trying to achieve “potty parity,” but many queues are still unequal.

a man and woman stand across from each other with their arms crossed

Dear Therapist: Why Won’t My Boyfriend Propose to Me?

We’ve been dating for a while and have talked about marriage, but I’m worried that he’s still scared of commitment.

A person holds a sign saying "I'm With Her" with a drawing of a fetus on it.

What It’s Like for Secular, Liberal Pro-lifers at the March for Life

Though some describe themselves as the “counterculture within the movement,” many members of nonreligious and left-leaning pro-life groups feel welcome at the largely Christian, conservative event.

A child pulls clothes out of a drawer.

Parenting Looks Nothing Like What the Experts Say

Everyone’s winging it, but that’s not a bad thing.

When It’s Time to Sell the Family Home

Putting up a for-sale sign can mark a new stage in life for empty-nesters and their children alike.

‘Intensive’ Parenting Is Now the Norm in America

The style of child-rearing that most aspire to takes a lot of time and money, and many families can’t pull it off.

Two baby penguins nestling with a parent penguin

It Used to Be Okay for Parents to Play Favorites

The idea that you’re supposed to treat your children equally is recent, and it’s still not the norm in much of the world.