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A woman looks at an empty hospital bed.

Dear Therapist: I’m Ashamed of How I Treated My Dying Husband

In his final days, I didn’t show him the love and care he deserved.

Candy Land Was Invented for Polio Wards

A schoolteacher created the popular board game, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, for quarantined children. An Object Lesson.

M. J. Hegar, a candidate for Senate in Texas, shakes hand with a voter.

The Job of Campaigning Is Extremely Family-Unfriendly

But federal guidelines now allow candidates to use campaign funds to pay for child care.

An illustration of three men in a Masonic lodge.

What It’s Like to Join the Freemasons

“The only competition in Masonry is to see who can be the better person.”

The Conservative Argument Over Paid Family Leave

Some acknowledge it’d be nice for everyone to have, but think it’s unrealistic.

When ‘You’re Adopted’ Is Used as an Insult

Often deployed on playgrounds and between siblings, the slur draws on stereotypes about adoption that are both obsolete and unrealistic.

An Unflinching Look at Parenting Undiagnosed Special-Needs Kids

The Krakowiaks’ two children are severely disabled, yet neither has received a conclusive diagnosis.

A digital calendar

The Scheduling Woes of Adult Friendship

To avoid the dreaded back-and-forth of coordinating hangouts, some friends are repurposing the shared digital calendar, a workplace staple, to plan their personal lives.

Silhouettes of a woman and a boy walking on a beach in Spain

What It Means to Be a Bad Mom

Inside the mind of a psychologist who helps determine whether parents are “good enough” to keep their children

What Happens When Parents Wait to Tell a Child He’s Adopted

A new study suggests that learning about one’s own adoption after a certain age could lead to lower life satisfaction in the future.

A giant baby sleeps between a husband and wife.

Dear Therapist: My Husband and I Don't Have Sex Anymore

I miss the closeness we had before our baby was born.

Who Actually Feels Satisfied About Money?

“It’s not just how much you have—it’s what you do with it,” says one researcher who studies money and happiness.

A man in an infirmary at a detention center in Texas.

The Border Patrol–to–Emergency Room Pipeline

The conditions in facilities at the border are so dire that many migrants are in need of medical care as soon as they are released.

Elizabeth Warren and her husband, Bruce Mann, hug.

‘He Said Yes!’

Despite changing norms, it’s still exceedingly rare for women to propose in heterosexual couples.

Two friends opening a door with music and color exploding out

The Friends Who Listen to BTS Together Stay Together

“Fans are often prone to saying, ‘This band saved my life.’ BTS made us realize we have to save ourselves.”

How Domestic Abusers Weaponize the Courts

After a breakup, litigation is often a way for harassers to force their victims to keep seeing them.

When One Person on a Date Is Just There for the Free Food

“I mean, if it’s dinner, I’m not going to say no, so that I don’t have to go home and cook.”

When ICE Raids Homes

For years, immigration agents targeted people at businesses, but in recent years, knocking on the doors of houses and apartments has become more common.

An illustration of a bird watching another bird fly away.

Dear Therapist: I Don’t Understand Why My Girlfriend Dumped Me

She said that she loves me but doesn’t want to be with me.

A single wheelchair.

The (Possibly) Forthcoming Elder-Care Revolution

As the 2020 presidential election approaches, will more politicians start to pay attention to elder care?