Radio Atlantic: How Much Longer Can Football Last?

The inside view of America’s two swampiest reality shows: politics and football

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Mark Leibovich has a day job covering the reality show of politics as The New York Times Magazine’s chief national correspondent, but he’s spent the past few years reporting a book on America’s other biggest reality show: football.

The new season begins with Colin Kaepernick the face of Nike, Donald Trump the NFL’s biggest commentator, and America’s most popular sport facing a myriad of problems. How does football survive both CTE and declining ratings? Which is the bigger swamp: Washington, D.C., or an NFL owner’s box?


- Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times (Mark Leibovich, 2018)
- “The Absurdist Spectacle of the Nike Boycotts” (Hannah Giorgis, September 5, 2018)
- “Colin Kaepernick, Nike, and the Myth of Good and Bad Companies” (Joshua Hunt, September 5, 2018)
- “Taking a Blowtorch to Debate” (Alex Wagner, September 5, 2018)
- “Trump’s Divisive and Relentless Politicization of the NFL” (Ben Strauss, September 1, 2018)