Radio Atlantic: The Press and the Election of 2016, One Year Later

Four Atlantic editors reflect on the anniversary of Donald Trump's election victory, and how it informs their work looking ahead.

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It’s a year after Donald Trump's upset election victory. Before and after the 2016 election, President Trump referred to journalists as enemies to himself and to the American people. But his victory wasn’t just a success in vilifying the media, it was a success in manipulating it. Trump was a media figure, skilled at drawing attention. And news organizations were unused to being so squarely part of the story.

What lessons have journalists taken from the 2016 campaign and President Trump’s election? What’s changed since then? And what should change going forward? In this episode of Radio Atlantic, Adrienne LaFrance, the editor of, and Yoni Appelbaum, the magazine's politics and policy editor, join Matt and Jeff to look back and look ahead one year after the Trump Era began.

- "How Trump Diagnosed American Politics" (Andy Kroll,  Nov 7, 2016)
- "Zuckerberg 2020?" (Adrienne Lafrance, Jan 19,  2017)
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