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Imagining a Black Wonder WomanMaya Rupert reflects on how the Amazon warrior’s struggles always felt uniquely similar to her own.



Wonder Woman, Heroine of the Post-Truth AgeMegan Garber points out that the character is perfectly at home in a culture contending with weaponized lies.

With Wonder Woman, DC Comics Finally Gets It RightChristopher Orr describes how a little humor and charm—plus a breakout performance by Gal Gadot—can go a long way.

Ghost World Endures for Its Cynicism and PathosDavid Sims praises the 2001 classic movie of teen disaffection for feeling dated in all the best ways.

Johnny Depp Can’t Escape His Own SuperstardomDavid Sims writes that the once-bankable star now seems stuck in franchise hell with no obvious exit.

Band Aid Is a Bleak Dive Into a MarriageDavid Sims laments that Zoe Lister-Jones’s debut film is too harrowing for its own good.



The Leftovers: Seeing DoubleSpencer Kornhaber and Sophie Gilbert dissect the seventh episode of the HBO show’s third and final season.

Sarah Silverman Gets Introspective With A Speck of Dust—David Sims reviews the stand-up comedian’s assured new Netflix special.

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Talib Kweli: Getting By in the Age of Donald TrumpDavid A. Graham talks to the sharp-edged rapper about politics, life as an indie artist, and Mos Def’s “retirement.”



Spicer’s RazorMegan Garber explores how the White House press secretary turned “covfefe” into a covfspiracy.

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The Tragedy of MenSophie Gilbert reads Grayson Perry’s pithy and insightful new book, where he laments how ill-suited masculinity is for modern life.

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House of Cards Season 5 Live-Binge Review

Episode 1Spencer Kornhaber begins watching the latest season of the Netflix series, which kicks off with the White House launching its own terroristic campaign.

Episode 2The cyber-terrorism is coming from inside the house.

Episode 3As America votes, the Underwoods watch a movie.

Episode 4The Underwoods plan ahead after a hectic Election Day.

Episode 5—Team Underwood cajoles Congress nine weeks after the election.

Episode 6Claire takes charge.

Episode 7A terrorism scare leads to underground intrigue.

Episode 8Frank goes camping and Claire plays hardball.

Episode 9A nervous Inauguration Day Arrives

Episode 10Frank draws a red line.

Episode 11Paranoia sets in.

Episode 12The Underwoods make some problems go away.

Episode 13The season ends with a separation of powers.



The Unpredictable Draymond GreenRobert O’Connell argues that the Golden State Warriors forward is the likeliest candidate to offer a lackluster postseason the dose of raw drama it needs.



Why Didn’t Jared and Ivanka Report Their Art Collection?Kriston Capps questions whether the couple takes art so seriously that they don’t think of it as money.