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Master of None’s Greatest Strength Is Its CuriosityLenika Cruz watches the much anticipated return of Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series.

Comme des Garçons / Paolo Roversi / The Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Alienating Garments of Rei KawabukoFrancesca Granata analyzes the Japanese designer’s pointedly eccentric clothing, the subject of an exhibition at the Met.



Anne With an E Is the Best Kind of AdaptationSophie Gilbert exalts the new Netflix show, which remains true to the spirit of the beloved L.M. Montgomery novel, but also reads between the lines.

The Leftovers: See You on the Other SideSpencer Kornhaber and Sophie Gilbert unpack the fourth episode of the HBO show’s final season.

The Bracing Authenticity of Chris Gethard’s Career SuicideDavid Sims enjoys the comedian’s unique one-man show on HBO.

Better Call Saul Stages Its Bittersweet ShowdownSpencer Kornhaber dissects the fifth episode of the AMC show’s third season.



When Talking Canines Took Over New YorkJeff VanderMeer looks back on Kirsten Bakis’s novel Lives of the Monster Dogs, which still has a lot to say about the entwined destinies of animals and humans 20 years later.

The Romance of Women’s FriendshipsMegan Garber discusses Deborah Tannen’s new book, which explores the idea that platonic relationships can be as fulfilling—and as fraught—as their romantic counterparts.

Pussy, the First Trump-Era Novel, Is a Brutal SatireSophie Gilbert talks to the author Howard Jacobson about his new book and the political responsibility of writers in the current moment.

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How Hollywood Keeps Telling the Legend of King ArthurDavid Sims traces cinema’s attempts to find something new in the ancient British tales of chivalric heroism.

Get Me Roger Stone Profiles the Man Who Created President TrumpSophie Gilbert watches Netflix’s timely new documentary.

Hounds of Love Is One of the Most Horrifying Films of the YearDavid Sims warns that the Australian kidnapping drama is not for the faint of heart.

Snatched: A 2017 Movie That Wishes It Were 1997Megan Garber laments the dated new comedy starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Is Marvel’s First Real Comic-Book Movie in YearsDavid Sims argues that the film focuses on telling a good story that can stand on its own.

The New King Arthur May Be the Worst Retelling of the Myth YetChristopher Orr bemoans Guy Ritchie’s dull, clumsy, and derivative new film.

The Lovers Is a Strange Tale of Matrimonial HarmonyDavid Sims reviews the quiet indie drama, which follows a husband and wife who embark on a torrid affair with one another after years of estrangement.

Library of Congress


How P.T. Barnum Helped the Early Days of Animal RightsBetsy Golden Kellem investigates the the circus founder’s role in the nascent activist movement—one that would later cheer the end of the “Greatest Show on Earth.”

Matt Sayles / AP


What Protest Songs Sound Like in the Trump EraSpencer Kornhaber listens to the political music that has boomed during the first 100 days of the new administration.

The Depressingly Familiar Allegations Against PWR BTTMSpencer Kornhaber unpacks the case of the duo who built a career by subverting rock and roll tropes—and then were accused of fulfilling one of the darkest ones.