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La La Land’s Double-Edged NostalgiaDavid Sims analyzes the nature of time in Damien Chazelle’s film, which pays homage to Old Hollywood while portraying the limits of worshipping the past.

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Paterson Is a Quiet, Considered MasterpieceDavid Sims watches Jim Jarmusch’s understated new film, starring Adam Driver as a bus-driving poet.

In 1987, Arnold Schwarzenegger Helped to Predict 2017Megan Garber reveals how the movie The Running Man anticipated some of the realities of the year we just entered.

Patriots Day Is Best When It Digs Past the HeroismDavid Sims reviews the new film from Peter Berg, a recreation of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing starring Mark Wahlberg.

20th Century Women Is an Ode to Female ResilienceSophie Gilbert  enjoys Mike Mills’s nuanced, emotionally smart, and offbeat new movie starring Annette Bening.

Live by Night Is Too Epic for Its Own GoodDavid Sims believes that the problem with Ben Affleck’s latest film lies in its overly ambitious scope.

What Sets the Smart Heroines of Hidden Figures ApartLenika Cruz praises the unique compassion and humanity of the new film’s protagonists.

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Golden Globes

The Introverted Politics of the 2017 Golden GlobesMegan Garber unpacks Hollywood’s self-advocacy on display at the awards show.

The Biggest Moments From the 2017 Golden GlobesThe editors discuss all the significant awards, speeches, and highlights from the ceremony.

The Golden Globes Anoint La La Land and MoonlightDavid Sims recaps a record-breaking night for the Damien Chazelle film, which also saw Barry Jenkins’s movie take home the Best Picture trophy.

Did Meryl Streep Misrepresent the MMA?Spencer Kornhaber chats with the author of a book on mixed martial arts about the actress’s comments during her Golden Globes speech.



Taboo: A Grim, Gruesome Costume Drama Starring Tom HardySophie Gilbert watches the new FX show starring the British actor as a kind of Regency-era Jason Bourne.

What Conan O’Brien Means to Late-Night’s FutureDavid Sims predicts what may happen to the ever-evolving genre if the long-tenured host moves to a weekly or all-digital format in the coming years.

Seth Meyers Questions Kellyanne Conway (and the Politics of Late-Night)Megan Garber dissects the Late Night host’s contentious interview with Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

The Mystery of Sherlock’s New AntagonistSophie Gilbert tries to make sense of Eurus, the show’s enigmatic new character.

One Day at a Time Is a Sitcom That Doubles as a Civics LessonMegan Garber reviews the charming new Netflix revival.

There Are No Happy Endings in A Series of Unfortunate EventsLenika Cruz weighs in on Netflix’s adaptation of the beloved and dark children’s series.

On The Tonight Show, Michelle Obama Cements a Legacy of EmpathyMegan Garber recaps the outgoing First Lady’s appearance on the talk show.

About That Young PopeSophie Gilbert watches the bizarre and surreal new HBO show starring Jude Law.

Black-ish’s ‘Lemons’ Is Art for the Age of TrumpMegan Garber explains how the latest episode of the ABC sitcom expresses anger at the election’s outcome while insisting on empathy.

How Victoria Aims to Connect With Young WomenNancy West looks forward to the new PBS series about an unlikely female ruler.

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Obama’s Ingenious Mention of Atticus FinchSpencer Kornhaber expounds upon the outgoing president’s farewell speech, which evoked a flawed American icon.

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Waking Up to Coachella’s Conservative TingeSpencer Kornhaber delves into the politics of the popular California music festival, which is backed by a conservative billionaire.