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William Blake's "Eve Tempted by the Serpent"  (Victoria & Albert Museum)

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How Pop Culture Tells Women to Shut UpMegan Garber explores what a new book called Trainwreck has to say about the many ways in which the American media continues to demean female figures.



The Movies Already Getting Oscar BuzzDavid Sims surveys some of the films expected to lead the race in the build-up to awards season.

Bridget Jones’s Baby Is a New Kind of MomcomMoira Weigel analyzes how the newest film in line of movies about motherhood and pregnancy both reinforces and reflects traditional gender roles.

Goat Captures the Dark Psychology of Frat BrosJake Kring-Schreifels explores what the new movie starring Nick Jonas reveals about a toxic college culture.

Queen of Katwe Is the Best Kind of Feel-Good StoryLenika Cruz reviews the gorgeously shot, inspirational film starring Lupita Nyong’o.

Denial Is a Drama for the Misinformation AgeSophie Gilbert explains why the film about a high-profile case involving a British Holocaust denier is a fitting one for our political times.

American Honey Is a New Indie ClassicDavid Sims revels in the magnetic cinematic odyssey from Andrea Arnold.

Deepwater Horizon Stays Too Close to the SurfaceDavid Sims weighs in on Peter Berg’s recreation of the 2010 environmental disaster starring Mark Wahlberg.



Luke Cage Is Truly a Hero for His TimeCharles Moss argues that Netflix’s new show reimagines its titular character as a modern black champion.

In The West Wing’s Debate Episode, Politics Is a GameMegan Garber looks back on how the popular show connected presidential face-offs to big sporting events.

Modern Family Tip-Toes Around Its First Transgender CharacterSpencer Kornhaber shows how the sitcom’s latest episode is a small but important step forward for television.

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Bon Iver Loses, and Finds, His Voice on 22, a MillionSpencer Kornhaber listens to Justin Vernon’s highly anticipated and highly experimental third album.

Drake’s New Short Film Is a Work of Violent, Sexy Corporate SynergySpencer Kornhaber unpacks what the rapper’s 23-minute visual accompaniment to his album Views reveals about the music industry.

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The Cold, Corporate Appeal of FootballRobert O’Connell questions why America’s most popular sport is the one that looks most like work.

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Donald Trump’s Double Standard on WeightSpencer Kornhaber talks to a professor of gender studies about the candidate’s long history of fat-shaming.

Lester Holt Did a Great JobMegan Garber defends the NBC anchor’s moderation at the first presidential debate.

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on When Language Fails HerJulie Beck reports from The Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Forum, where the Nigerian author discussed her views on race, beauty, and writing.  

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Video Games

How BioShock Mocked Video-Game MoralityDavid Sims celebrates the remastered groundbreaking 2007 title, which changed the medium’s storytelling horizons.