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O.J. Simpson stands with his mother Eunice and father Jimmy Lee on the field at Rich Stadium for his induction into the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame in 1980. (Mickey Osterreicher / ESPN Films)

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O.J.: Made in America Is Vital StorytellingDavid Sims on how ESPN’s stunning eight-hour series somehow manages to break new ground in the oft-told case of the O.J. Simpson murder trial.



Finding Dory Is a Sweet-Hearted SequelChristopher Orr on how Pixar’s latest feature offers a fun and tender ride, even though it lacks the originality of the studio’s best work.

Central Intelligence: A Fun Action Comedy You’ll Instantly ForgetDavid Sims on how the the zany film seems to exist only to unite Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson onscreen, but there are worse reasons to make a movie.

Why Hollywood Doesn’t Tell More Stories for—and About—GirlsAnya Jaremko-Greenwold on how it has partly to do with a dearth of women behind the scenes, changing audience tastes, and an evolving industry.



Orange Is the New Black: Episodes 1, 2, 3Spencer Kornhaber and Sophie Gilbert review the Netflix dramedy’s fourth season.

She-Ra and the Fight Against the Token GirlMaria Teresa Hart on how decades before the outcry against the Ghostbusters remake, a 1980s kids show tried—and failed—to subvert male-centric stories.

All Hail the Return of Curb Your EnthusiasmDavid Sims on how Larry David’s stint on Saturday Night Live as Bernie Sanders only helped crystallize the importance of his HBO series.

Samantha Bee Asks the Right Questions About OrlandoDavid Sims on how the Full Frontal host’s furious monologue on the massacre in Florida underscores her ascendency as the best political voice on late-night television.

BrainDead: A D.C. Satire … With Alien BugsMegan Garber on how the creators of the much-loved The Good Wife have created a sci-fi-laced political satire that involves exploding brains, space ants, and a hefty dose of pessimism.

Game of Thrones: Trial Without CombatThree Atlantic staffers discuss “No One,” the eighth episode of the sixth season.


Lucas Jackson / Reuters

‘Saint Pablo’ and the Power of an Unfinished AlbumSpencer Kornhaber on how Kanye West is still tweaking The Life of Pablo four months after releasing it, creating an oddly compelling experience for listeners.


Evan Agostini / AP

The Tony Awards: A Win for InclusivenessDavid Sims on how Hamilton swept the board, but the ceremony itself was a delightful celebration of theater that came at exactly the right moment.


Kate Berry / Michael Lionstar / Knopf / Spiegel & Grau / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic

The Agony and the Ecstasy of GirlhoodAmy Weiss-Meyer on how new fiction collections from Abigail Ulman and Rebecca Schiff feature young female narrators finding their way through a mass culture where individuality is everything.

Hiddleswift: Celebrity Romance as Fan FictionMegan Garber on how the frenzy that followed after Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were photographed frolicking on a beach speaks to culture’s ongoing desire to fill in the gaps.