Feminist Miss Piggy and TV Mothers: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing

Highlights from seven days of reading about entertainment


Can Silicon Valley Fix Women’s Fashion?
Anne Helen Petersen | Buzzfeed
“As fashion scholar Minh-Ha T. Pham explains, that lack of sartorial confidence is linked to so many female failings ... Stitch Fix, Gwynnie Bee, and a phalanx of voices, from What Not to Wear to Oprah, posit well-fitting, fashionable clothes as a solution. Get rid of the mom jeans, these services and programs seem to suggest, and Live Your Best Life.”

The Calligraphy Stars of Instagram
Alexandra Lange | The New Yorker
“Recurring words in people’s comments are ‘mesmerizing,’ ‘hypnotic,’ and ‘satisfying.’ For reasons I don’t fully understand, people clearly enjoy watching the process of something perceived as ‘perfect’ being made from start to finish.”

I Interviewed Mark Kozelek. He Called Me a ‘Bitch’ on Stage.
Laura Snapes | The Guardian
“If anything remains to separate Kozelek from his work, it’s that his music preaches that the least we owe one another is decency.”

On TV, Motherhood too Often Comes Across as Weakness
Stacia L. Brown | The Washington Post
In real life, motherhood is no easy analogue for mercy, kindness or vulnerability. It can make a woman crueler as often as it can make her kinder.”

Miss Piggy: Why I Am a Feminist Pig
Miss Piggy | TIME
“And yes, it is true that I am a Porcine American. How can a ... ahem, pig ... be a feminist? After all, the p word has long been associated with the very antithesis of feminists ‘male chauvinist.’ This, alas, is a vestige of latent ‘species-ism.’”

The Charmed Life of Bob Saget
Ryan Bort | Esquire
If you need a reminder of the breadth of Saget's appeal, go to one of his actual shows, where fans have paid to see Saget and Saget alone. Every age group is represented.”

The Real Teens of Silicon Valley
Nellie Bowles | The California Sunday Magazine
Desai, while still in high school, made an iPhone game that sold 50,000 copies. ‘Who cares about grades after that?’ he said.”