Don Draper and Horror Films: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing

Highlights from seven days of reading about entertainment

Justina Mintz / AMC

Could the Planets in Star Wars Actually Support Life?
John Wenz | Wired
"Is a planet without much water capable of sustaining indigenous life like Jawas, Tusken Raiders, and wamp rats?"

The Man who Broke the Music Business
Stephen Witt | The New Yorker
"By the end of 2006, Glover had leaked nearly two thousand CDs. He was no longer afraid of getting caught."

Anchorman: The Legend of Don Lemon
Taffy Brodesser-Akner | GQ
"As far as I can tell, the great Don Lemon gaffe-spotting fest that has become such an Internet phenomenon and journalistic pastime began on July 27, 2013, and it began not with a gaffe but with an unexpected rant about racial mores."

It's Not Done
Leslie Jamison | Slate
"We might all die but at least we don’t have some ghoulish perpetual-motion machine bending our legs forward till we’re face-to-face with our own feet."

An Oral History of Mad Men

"Jon Hamm: I am Hamm. Mad Men is about being the secret man who drinks at work. It is about watching a man explode and then saying, 'I am that man who just exploded. Give me his trophies.'"

Here's Earl
Rembert Browne | Grantland

"I offer a sentence here, an example there, but Earl does most of the talking. It’s this ever-changing convergence of age, perspective, hardship, and life experiences, all crashing into one another. What’s emerging from the rubble is Earl the adult."