Astrology and Public Shaming: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing

Highlights from seven days of reading about entertainment

Necessarily the News
Wesley Morris | Grantland
"The [Daily Show] has become a pillar of the American political conversation, irrespective of ratings. The controversy around Trevor Noah threatens to compromise that well-earned legacy."

This Public Shaming Is Not Like the Other
Jacqui Shine | Buzzfeed
"Ronson’s no 4chan troll, but So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed reads very much like a defense of unfairly victimized white men and privileged white women."

Susan Miller, Your Internet BFF
Devon Maloney | The Verge
"Three weeks later—after the expo, mere days before March horoscopes are supposed to drop—Susan is in the hospital. Again."

Science Fiction's White Boys' Club Strikes Back
Jeet Heer | The New Republic
"The conservative backlash isn't entirely about attempts to diversify science fiction; it's also motivated by a nostalgia for an imaginary past."

Revenge Of The Record Labels: How The Majors Renewed Their Grip On Music
Zack O'Malley Greenburg | Forbes
"Even by coming up with new takes on old tricks and accumulating pieces of popular streaming services, the majors still have a rough road ahead."

We Consumed $600 Worth of the Knicks' Free Food on Fan Appreciation Night
Seth Rosenthal and Rodger Sherman | SB Nation
"Some fans balance towers of chicken finger boxes. Other shove hot dogs down their pants. People grab and gorge to the point of delirium, kinda like Pleasure Island in Pinocchio, except without donkey-children."

Centuries of Italian History Are Unearthed in Quest to Fix Toilet
Jim Yardley | The New York Times
"'We were brought together by sewage systems,' Mr. Faggiano joked."

Why Is TV’s 90s Reboot Boom Ignoring All the Great Black Comedies of That Era?
Dee Lockett | Vulture
Who wouldn't want Jackée Harry's outrageously charming Lisa Landry back on TV screens?"