'Kids in the Hall,' the Sequel

Scenes from the lost territory of the past

Kids in the Hall opening sequence (YouTube)

Various 30-something readers are grumpy that I mentioned The Kids in the Hall as if some people might not already know about them.

Welcome to the march of time, 30-something kiddos! About one third of the current U.S. population, something like 100+ million people, is not old enough to have seen KitH when it was on TV through 1995. (If you'd like an extra little jolt, consider that today's first- and second-year college students can't really remember the 9/11 attacks.) Trust me, more of these little surprises lie ahead.

On the other hand, other 30-something readers were glad to have one of their era's gems be remembered. They passed along a few other routines I hadn't seen:

"Gavin in the Butcher Shop." This is remarkable, and I'm not sure it would be allowed on television in the US. Those wild Canadians.

"Grizzly Bear Attack." Deliverance goes north.

"Head Crusher." A recurring bit popular with many readers.

"I Sell Shoes." Satan waits on you.

A few other points before we turn the page. First, about the great opening-credit music:

Thanks for the post about Kids in the Hall. Just for fun, listen to the music intro for The Daily Show, then the one for KitH. Second cousins (maybe even first), wouldn't you think?

Agree. And about the other other show by Lorne Michaels, this note from a reader in Canada:

Lorne Michaels also had a Laugh In-style show called the Hart and Lorne Terrific Hour that ran for one season [1970-1971] on CBC in Canada. As I recall it was cancelled for being "too urban". The Hart half of the duo was Hart Pomerantz who went on to become on of Ontario's top criminal defense lawyers.

Here are some clips from the show:

Ah, the lost territory of the past, circa 1970 and also 1995. Thanks to readers north and south of the US-Canadian border, and now we move on.