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Feminine Appropriation Was 2014's Biggest Electronic Music Trend
Steph Kretowicz | The Fader
"Underneath this year's freshest new music lurked an age-old cultural construct."

Faking It, Degrassi, and the Year of Realistic LGBTQ Teens
Pilot Viruet | Flavorwire
"How could any network, let alone the often-exploitative MTV, pull this off without feeling like a mockery of the lives of actual queer women?"

Jay, Key Witness from Serial, Tells his Story
Natasha Vargas-Cooper | The Intercept
"From the way he carried himself, at least, it looked like he had never lost anything before."

Interstellar: "The Loneliest Journey in Human History"
Bilge Ebiri | They Live By Night
"Nolan’s works are distinguished by the single-mindedness with which he pursues these concepts; the films become cinematic fugues built around a single motif. So what's the big idea in Interstellar?"

Beyond the Edge of Tomorrow: The Year the Blockbuster Was Busted
Wesley Morris | Grantland
"Of all the important thoughts about the movies this year that could have, should have, or honestly did occur to me, there was just one I kept coming back to: If Edge of Tomorrow can’t be a hit, then what can?"

The Rust Belt Theory of Low-Cost High Culture
Alex MacGillis | Slate
"Baltimore is one of a handful of cities where the economic might and urban scale of a bygone era created both premier cultural institutions and a foundation of local wealth—aka old money—that ... continues to provide support for the institutions."

How Jon Jones Became the Baddest Motherfucker on Earth
Greg Howard | Deadspin
"The baddest motherfucker on Earth and I are in a posh restaurant in a poor city with two guys he picked up at some point or another to shoot guns and drink beer with whenever he isn't elbowing people in the face."

The Dark & Light of Francisco Goya
Colm Toíbín | The New York Review of Book
"There is no perfect way of presenting the work of Goya in all its variety and ambiguity."

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