Track of the Day (Premiere): Tennyson's 'In One Piece'

A spare piano melody from a brother-sister duo known for strange, jazzy electronica

Michael Silvestre
Past Tracks

It seems fitting to listen to the rising duo Tennyson the same week that Willow and Jaden Smith mused on holographic realities and prana energy in T: Luke and Tess Pretty are, like Will and Jada Pinkett’s brood, no older than 17, yet both sets of siblings appear more advanced than many artists twice their age. But where Willow and Jaden’s talents are debatable (in my mind, at least), the Prettys' are self-evident. Raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Luke and Tess cut their teeth busking and playing jazz, and a few years ago began producing elegant, deeply felt electronic music that recalls contemporaries James Blake and Lone, as well as left-field icons Boards of Canada. Today, The Atlantic premieres “In One Piece,” a rich, piano-focused work that creaks and hums like so many contemplative tracks by Arvo Pärt or Nils Frahm—a different look for Tennyson, to be sure, but one that sheds even more light on the siblings’ immense potential. They’re on tour now with the producer Ryan Hemsworth.