Selfie and the Styles Section: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing

Highlights from seven days of reading about entertainment

This Was the Most Promising Interracial Couple on TV
Sonia Saraiya | Salon
"Damn, John Cho just got cockblocked again."

Bonfire of the Inanities
Jacqui Shine | The Awl
"Like a marathon watching of Sex and the City, a sustained reading of Styles reveals more about both the culture and New York City than you might think from a look at a single issue."

Max Lenox's Amazing Journey to Much-Admired Army Hoops Captain
S.L. Price | Sports Illustrated
"Much is due to the couple that, three Junes ago, surrendered him to West Point in the brutally efficient exercise known as Reception Day."

Tommy Lee Jones
Meryl Streep | Interview
"'If you want to know what's wrong today, looking at what was wrong yesterday is a pretty good place to start.'"

The Invisible Stars Who Make Hollywood French
Mac McClelland | Medium
"Today, actual Jennifer Lawrence has woken up to another day of people loudly, publicly debating whether they should look at stolen naked pictures of her that have been made available on the internet. French Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, woke up, put on a sweater, and came to work at Dubbing Brothers."

The Two Michael Sams
Joel Anderson | Buzzfeed
"The rift between Michael Sr. and his youngest son started long before Michael Jr. came out and stems in no small part from those family tragedies."

Unravelling the Mystery Behind L'Wren Scott's Path to Self-Destruction
Phoebe Eaton | GQ
"The casket appeared to be weeping roses, as if sweet Ophelia herself were inside. But it was L'Wren Scott whose funeral was starting up at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery."

Here Is the Simple Mind-Trick That Makes Every Movie and TV Show Seem Better
Adam Sternbergh | Vulture
"Everyone’s Already Dead™."

The Near-Perfect Dumb and Dumber
Tom Carson | Grantland
"Released the same year that a certain stain on someone’s blue dress was getting the House GOP in an uproar, it must have been the first time someone’s jism was employed as a sight gag in a mainstream comedy. "