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Abbi and Ilana of Broad City plus Annie Hall is a match made in heaven, and—thanks to Twitter—may be a reality. The Broad City "people" are apparently sending Diane Keaton's "people" a script.

It all began when Keaton was soliciting pictures of "action-packed kisses" for a Pinterest boardBroad City's Abbi Jacobson decided that this was the moment to inquire as to whether Diane would want to be an episode of her show: 

Keaton was totally into it, with some requests:

And apparently, according to Jacobson's partner in crime Ilana Glazer the Broad City broads are already getting a script to Keaton. So basically, this might happen! 

Perhaps the best part about that is the idea that Keaton—she of blazers and ties and hats—could share fashion tips with present-day style icon Ilana. Frankly, Ilana's already had some Annie Hall-esque moments.


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