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Late night hosts took time out of their shows last night to honor Robin Williams with personal tributes and clips from his characteristically wild appearances on their shows. Conan O'Brien called Williams "for my money the best talk show guest ever," and one suspects that he is in no way exaggerating.  

Jimmy Fallon, after showing footage of Williams' first appearance on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, performed his own Dead Poets Society tribute, getting up on his desk to say, "O Captain! My Captain!"  

O'Brien, meanwhile, addressed Williams' death in an emotional moment on his show Monday, immediately after learning of the event. On his Tuesday show he and Andy Richter reminisced about Williams without the rawness of immediacy. O'Brien told a story about Williams giving him a ridiculous bicycle. 

Seth Meyers' tribute was slightly less personal, talking about working in a video store and taking out Williams' stand up albums. Meyers also mentioned Williams' struggle with depression and added: "If there's anything we could do to honor his memory, I would hope it would be to use this opportunity to educate us more about this terrible affliction." 

Jimmy Kimmel's and David Letterman's shows are both airing repeats this week. 

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