SNL's Anna Kendrick Episode: 5 Best Scenes

Fox & Friends, Les Jeunes de Paris, The Little Mermaid, Pharrell Williams' "Happy," and more...

SNL's season 39 continued its upswing this week, with Anna Kendrick ably singing, dancing, and presiding over an array of strong sketches. Musical guest Pharrell Williams performed "Happy" and "Marilyn Monroe."

Some highlights...

Les Jeunes de Paris—Taran Killam and Anna Kendrick bring back the absurdist French dance sketch, with help from "Cups," The Fifth Element, Madeline, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Angela Merkel (Kate McKinnon) drops by Weekend Update to vent. ("Dealing with Vladimir Putin is like being cornered at a party by a guy who just started CrossFit...")

Kyle Mooney works himself up to asking out his neighbor.

Fox & Friends—Steve Doocy (Taran Killam), Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Vanessa Bayer), and Brian Kilmeade (Bobby Moynihan) welcome "Obamacare survivor" Anna Kendrick and scientist Mike Tyson Neil deGrasse Tyson (Kenan Thompson), after which a few factchecking corrections are in order...

Cold open—Kate McKinnon as GM CEO Mary Barra at the ignition switch recall hearing. (Barra: "Live from New York, it's Saturda—" Taran Killam: "No. You do not get to say that to escape testimony!...")

Also: (Not currently online) The Little Mermaid—asked by Ursula the sea witch (Aidy Bryant) to showcase her voice, Ariel (Anna Kendrick) performs Ke$ha, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, and Iggy Azalea; the monologue—Anna Kendrick spoofs Belle's "Bonjour" from Beauty and the Beast, backed by the SNL cast (and Lorne Michaels); Best of the White Guys—NCAA college basketball highlights—with bonus DVD, When It Was Fair: Basketball in the Early 1900s, narrated by Jimmy the Greek.

NEXT, on April 12: Seth Rogen, with musical guest Ed Sheeran.