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After being caught plagiarizing this week, Shia LaBeouf is apparently trying to make it ups to the artist whose comic he cribbed.

The Wrap's Josh Dickey reports that, according to someone "close to the situation," LaBeouf is trying to "work out a deal" that would give credit to artist Daniel Clowes, and may involve monetary compensation. Yesterday, BuzzFeed's Jordan Zakarin pointed out that LaBeouf's short film closely resembled Clowes' comic Justin M. Damiano without crediting Clowes. LaBeouf then apologized on Twitter, but then apparently may have plagiarized his apology from Yahoo! Answers

Zakarin had reported today that Eric Reynolds, Clowes' editor, said that Clowes was looking at "legal options." 

The video, which stars comedian Jim Gaffigan, appeared online yesterday, but debuted at Cannes in 2012. It has since been taken down. 

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