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Cue the squeals of fangirls and boys: In anticipation of the January 1 release date of the long awaited new Sherlock episodes in the UK BBC One has released a mini-episode, which details some of what Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock has been up to since he apparently died. 

So what has Sherlock been doing since the events of the final episode that aired in which he apparently plunged to his death? Well, Jonathan Aris' Anderson—formerly not a great fan of Sherlock's—has been tracking sightings. Sherlock's outed a female drug smuggler who has infiltrated a sect of Buddhist warrior monks, he's tracked down a killer in New Delhi by measuring how a chocolate Flake had sunk into an ice cream cone, and he's swung a jury in Hamburg. Detective Inspector Lestrade is not convinced. But that's when things get melancholy. Lestrade goes over to John Watson's to deliver an old video message Sherlock had recorded for John's birthday. Watson watches with some alcohol. "I need a moment to figure out what I'm going to do," Sherlock says in the video. "I can tell you what you can do, you can stop being dead," Watson replies to the screen. "Okay," Video Sherlock says. (Squeals.) 

By the end of the mini-episode, the theme music is playing and January 19—when the show premieres in the US—can't come soon enough. 


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