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As the British gear up for their TV-filled holiday season ITV and BBC One have released trailers for two of their biggest hits overseas—Sherlock and Downton Abbey's Christmas special. At least the good news is law-abiding U.S. viewers won't have to wait that long. 

First up, the trailer for the Downton Christmas special, which is perhaps confusing if you're waiting to watch the fourth season on PBS. They've already aired that entire season in the UK, and now it's time for the annual Christmas special, which is when, sometimes, Very Bad Things happen (R.I.P. Matthew). Some details of note: the gang is going to a party at Buckingham Palace, and Paul Giamatti is there with Shirley MacLaine. Naturally, the Dowager Countess says something snooty about Americans. Giamatti will probably complain about Downton's Merlot. You'll have to wait a while to get to this episode in the U.S.—the season only begins on January 5

Next up is a new, longer trailer for the long-awaited third season of Sherlock, which airs here starting January 19, though premieres in Britain on New Year's Day. Sherlock, of course, is back from the dead, eager to surprise John Watson, who has moved on with his life and moved out of Baker Street. "What life—I've been away?" Sherlock says. 

Both of these shows are fast approaching our television sets, but not quite fast enough. 

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