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Chicago rap wunderkind Chance the Rapper and friendly Internet teenager Justin Bieber have been sneakily tweeting at each other for several days now:

They've been alluding to "Confident," the latest (and final, mercifully) addition to Bieber's "Music Mondays" series. This one features Chance, so it's making a splash outside the usual Belieberspheres. You'll have to ride out two-and-a-half minutes of Bieber's R&B-lite crooning in praise of a possibly "foreign" love interest, replete with a wah-wah guitar that sounds to be exported from Justin Timberlake's tepid latest, but it's Chance's recognizable yelp that fights its way into the mix around the 2:30 mark.

He gets a verse too, of course, one that manages to rhyme "twerk" with "curve" and show off the deft, funny flow that's already made Acid Rap a mainstay on album-of-the-year lists (even though it's not technically an album!). Here, have a listen:

Are Chance and the Biebs buddies now? It seems odd to recall that the two are less than a year apart in age, given Bieber's not infrequent publicity trainwrecks and the former's relatively drama-free talent, but hey—stranger things have happened.

As Billboard reports, Bieber plans on bundling together his various "Music Mondays" releases in a limited-time collection called Journals, available next week. Among the as-yet-unreleased guest spots that will be included are appearances by Big Sean and Lil Wayne.

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