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There's a lot going in the first official trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Marc Webb's follow up to 2012's surprisingly great reboot of the not-long-dead superhero franchise. Will this make for one epic flick or one mess of a movie? Time will tell. For now, the Internet is getting to work on dissecting this thing. 

One of the questions we've had about this movie since fine actors kept getting cast in the roles of villains, is just what main threat will Peter Parker be facing in this film? Though Webb has said the main villain is Jamie Foxx's glowing Electro, the trailer makes it seem like the bigger threat involves the wily machinations of Parker's supposed friend Harry Osborn, played by the creepy/sexy Dane DeHaan, and his family's company Oscorp. Harry, of course, is one incarnation of the Green Goblin, who shows up with face obscured in the trailer. His father, Norman, has also been the Green Goblin, though from what we see in the trailer, Chris Cooper looks pretty sickly in that role. One image floating around the net has suggested that DeHaan is indeed the Goblin, though DeHaan has obviously been coy about it

But then there's Paul Giamatti's Rhino: 

And Electro: 

Just how big Webb is making this world is of specific note, as Sony has floated the idea of a larger Spidey universe. 

As for the rest of the trailer, people have gone to work finding more hidden nuggets. The Playlist pointed out that a reader thinks he or she may have spotted Shailene Woodley, whose role as Mary Jane Watson was cut from the film. 

Also there's just some good old fashioned subliminal advertising. 

Meanwhile, outside of all the hubbub, dreamboats Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone still seem to be lovely and charming and winning as Peter and Gwen Stacy. So there's that. 

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