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With Blue Jasmine still very much in the conversation, Cate Blanchett downing cocktails and Xanax on her way to a likely Oscar nomination, it's strange that we are already thinking about Woody Allen's next film. But this is one-film-a-year Woody Allen, so we are, and The Wrap's Jeff Sneider revealed today that the film will be titled Magic in the Moonlight. Accompanying photos reveal that, hey, this looks to be a '20s (maybe '30s?) period piece. 

The film—naturally—features a bevy of stars, including Emma Stone, Colin Firth, and Marcia Gay Harden. While the cast is encouraging and the period setting is intriguing, we're still a little wary of the film. Allen tends to follow up his good movies (which Blue Jasmine certainly is) with not-so-good movies. Think Midnight in Paris followed by To Rome with Love, or Vicky Christina Barcelona followed by Whatever Works. But, hey, Allen showed a knack for France-set-Jazz Age tales with Midnight, and this puts him back in that country (though this time in the South) and that era. The cast, again, is great, and the charming, witty Emma Stone will likely make a good Allen heroine. So, who knows? Woody!

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