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After officially announcing that the movie would make it into theaters this year on Christmas day, Paramount released a second trailer for Martin Scorsese's tale of finance business excess The Wolf of Wall Street. The movie looks great in a raucous, bro-y sort of way, but it seems awards watchers don't quite know what to make of it yet. 

The new look at the film builds on what we got back in June. There are still crazy, lavish parties, but we get a better look at Jonah Hill, who looks like he wants to put another notch on his serious actor belt with a thick New Yawk accent as the partner in crime of wunderkind Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The trailer is also, well, funny, which makes sense, because according to HitFix's Kristopher Tapley Paramount is going to pitch it as such to the Golden Globes. Though that would seem to be an easier way to a prize for a movie as high caliber as this, Tapley warns that in this insanely crowded awards year, the comedy race might not be any thinner. Tapley then wonders, when it comes to the Academy, will the film be "too, well, fun." The problem is that everyone is speculating based on the excellent trailers, while the movie itself is largely a mystery, which has Tim Gray at Variety worrying that pundits are "putting too much pressure on the film," in hope for a late-in-the-game "plot twist" in the Oscar race.  

What we do know is this a Martin Scorsese movie that runs 165 minutes (trimmed down from 180) in which Hill rubs DiCaprio's temples and Rob Reiner yells. We're in. 

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