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Emile Hirsch—the baby-faced actor best known for serious roles in Into the Wild and Milk—better start practicing his comedy: it was announced yesterday that he would play John Belushi in an upcoming biopic. Now what about the rest of the original Not Ready For Primetime Players? 

Dan Aykroyd

So, we kind of cheated with this one, because according to Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter, actor Nelson Franklin has met with Conrad about playing Aykroyd, and we have to get on board with that. Franklin, who has had stints on Veep and New Girl,  is a dead ringer for Belushi's blues brother.

Jane Curtin

We would love to see the film explore the relationship between Belushi and Curtin, who has been outspoken about how sexist Belushi was behind the scenes. So who to play her? We choose Elizabeth Olsen, a young actress who both has a Curtin-y look and a sweetness that can become fierce when need be. 

Garrett Morris 

It's only coincidence that they share a last name, but New Girl's Lamorne Morris has a zany comedic boldness, that would make him a good fit for the other Morris. He just needs to work on his singing

Chevy Chase

To exude Chevy's well-known bravado and jerkiness we pick Miles Teller. Teller performance in The Spectacular Now walked the line between sweet and cocky—the persona Chase exuded on screen—but he's playing a bully villain in Divergent, which is exactly the type of experience he needs. Chase made enemies of the likes of Belushi for his nasty attitude on set.

Gilda Radner

Gilda's so hard to cast, just because she was so distinctive, which is why we'd pick someone like Nina Arianda. They don't look a lot alike, but Arianda's a talented actress—with a similarly raspy voice. Arianda can be both zany and soulful, much like the late, great Radner.

Laraine Newman

Zosia Mamet, who is obviously much more than ditzy Shoshanna on Girls, would be good as Laraine Newman, obviously much more than Sheri the Valley Girl. 

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