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Thursday marks the year's most spooktacular day, one of terrors and nightmares meant to remind us how good we have it the rest of the year. (That is why Halloween exists, right? And the word "spooktacular" is in the Constitution, correct?) Thus, this past weekend, many grown-ass adults got dressed up like fools and went to Halloween. And some of those adults were celebrities! Celebrities in costume, who could ever imagine such a thing. Of course the big hubbub this weekend is that Julianne Hough, former Dancing with the Stars dancer turned movie actress, showed up to a party dressed as the character Crazy Eyes from Orange Is the New Black and, I'm afraid, she did it in blackface. Or tan face. Whatever hue it was, it was bad. Very bad and strange and embarrassing. Did no one tell her that that was a terrible, horrible idea? Who are Julianne Hough's people, huh? Whoever they are, they are not good people. Get new people, Julianne. But also critically think for yourself! You can't just rely on your people. Anyway. Kate Hudson had a Halloween party and lots of people came, including her parents, who dressed up as Alps people. You know, like Heidi braids and lederhosen. Or fake lederhosen. Kurt Russell's costume was like a tuxedo T-shirt, but with traditional Swiss clothing instead of a tuxedo. You're Kurt Russell! Just buy the real thing. David Spade was the fox thing from that song, feh. Julianne's brother Derek Hough dressed up as a cool punk guy. Seriously, he just wore a spiky mohawk and eyeliner and cool punk clothes and that was his costume. So presumably all night people were asking him what he was and he had to say "I'm, y'know, like a punk guy." "Which punk guy?" "Just a general guy... I... I wanted to wear the mohawk and the eyeliner, OK?" Which is very funny. Who else, who else. Oh, Paris Hilton was dressed up as Miley Cyrus during her infamous VMAs performance. The mouse bathing suit and the little buns and whatnot. That was expected, wasn't it? Fergie was Elvira. Josh Duhamel was Riff Raff from Rocky Horror.

At another party, this was apparently Leonardo DiCaprio. Cindy Crawford and her husband showed up as Slash and Axl Rose, the implication being that they were a couple, I guess? Larry David was one half of pair of "Siamese twins," not terribly PC but not as bad as blackface, probably. Cuba Gooding Jr. was dressed up as Cindy Crawford's husband. Seriously. Even stranger was Glee star Matthew Morrison's Halloween party, which former Teen Wolf hunk Colton Haynes came to dressed as a gross old lady. Yep, no sexy Peter Pan or Sexy Luigi. Gross old lady. And he posed for a picture with a former Teen Wolf costar in a sexually suggestive manner. Chris Colfer and a "pal" came dressed as R2-D2 and C-3PO. Chace Crawford was a cop. Wait, why were Chace Crawford and Colton Haynes invited to Matthew Morrison's Hallow— Oh, right. It was also a birthday party for Morrison, so. All the pictures look like a snuff film is about to break out, so it seems like it was fun! And that, folks, was a sampling of celebrity Halloween this weekend! There are more pictures of costumes to be found past the links, and elsewhere. Just google "celebrity Halloween costumes." Have at it. [Daily Mail; Page Six; E!]

Before showing up to that Halloween party covered in a black cape, Leonardo DiCaprio was in New York City, looking at apartments as his long search for a home in the city continues. He's now eying a place in Greenwich Village. It's on 5th Avenue, so it's not like in the Village, but it's right there. The place apparently has "three bedrooms, marble bathrooms, a library and a large dressing room," which is good. I mean, Leo DiCaprio NEEDS a large dressing room. For all his dressing up. It takes a lot to look this good. But also probably he's doing dress-ups, practicing characters, workshopping things. Swanning around in a kimono, trilling about the weather and "dreadful old England." You need a large dressing room for all of that, so I'm glad he's found a place that has one. I think he should buy this house. [Page Six]

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton went to a pumpkin patch this weekend. Apparently it was "a sexy, PDA-filled day." Which, like, do Robin Thicke and Paula Patton ever not have a sexy, PDA-filled day? I don't care if they're at a pumpkin patch or wading around in a cranberry bog or what. Those two are just going to have a sexy, PDA-filled day. It's in their nature. What's genuinely surprising about this post, though, is that it includes a picture of David Beckham's car with the caption "David Beckham got in a fender bender with his son Brooklyn, 14, outside their Beverly Hills, Calif., home." Oh no! Was he distracted by Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's sexy PDA?? Or is the picture just mistakenly in the post? I don't know! But it's there. For some reason, it is there. Anyway, hope Paula and Robin are having another sexy, PDA-filled day today. Though it's ridiculous to hope that, because we know that. Hope is redundant. [Us Weekly]

"Ciara Engaged to Future." That is the first line of the headline and you just want to stop reading right there. To have that be the whole of it, the grand and exciting truth: Ciara will marry the future! She is only looking forward! She and days to come will wed, and Ciara will be made infinite because of it. Always Ciara, always ahead. She will never be now or once or then. She will be someday, dancing on the horizon like an aurora, wedded blissfully to all that's laid out before us, running ahead like a scout, brave Ciara. Engaged to the Future! It's quite a way to start a headline. But then you read on and realize that, oh, she's engaged to marry the rapper called Future, that's all. I mean, it's still good news, good for them. But... The other possibility meant so, so much more. Oh well. Congrats, you two. [Us Weekly]

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are going to have a baby together. So I guess they're getting pretty serious. Do I hear wedding bells?? Oh, yes, I do, because they're also engaged. Oh OK. Well, there you have it then. [Us Weekly]

Chris Brown was arrested for felony assault in Washington D.C. this weekend, after breaking a guy's nose when the guy photo-bombed him. That's the victim's side of the story, anyway. Who knows. This could potentially be a violation of Brown's parole, meaning Brown could be headed to jail. Or not. Again, who knows. But yeah, Chris Brown was arrested for punching someone this weekend, which seems to be becoming something of a trend, doesn't it. [TMZ]

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