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The year 2015 might come too soon for Star Wars: Episode VII

When it was announced last week that J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan were taking over screenwriting duties for Star Wars: Episode VII from Michael Arndt, eyebrows shot up as to whether the highly anticipated film was having some problems. According to Tatiana Siegel of The Hollywood Reporter, the production is indeed having troubles behind the scenes.

Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy has apparently asked Disney to move the release date of the film from 2015 to 2016, but Disney CEO Bob Iger is holding firm on 2015, which, according to Siegel, "allows zero margin for error," Apparently director Abrams is on board with Iger's plans for 2015, but Siegel writes that insiders say the script "isn't close to ready." (Siegel also implies something of a power struggle brewing between Abrams and Kennedy.) 

So why won't Disney just give everyone working on this movie a little more time? It would seem like moving the film out of the insane fray of franchise movies—including The Avengers sequel and the Jurassic Park—coming out in 2015 would be good for the project. But Siegel explains it's not just this movie, but all the Star Wars movies that are set to follow it that may be the issue here. "Iger has crafted a Star Wars game plan that hinges on Episode VII hitting the big screen that summer," Siegel writes. "The studio is expected to roll out EpisodeVIIVIII and IX over a six-year period, with at least two spinoffs — penned by a team including Kasdan and Simon Kinberg  interspersed between."  Still, one might ask, wouldn't the studio be better off making the best movie they can with an extra year? 

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