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Fox really loves the wacky world of Sleepy Hollow. The year's zaniest new show—complete with Ichabod Crane, witches, and George Washington—is also the first to get renewed, the network announced today. Though ratings have been good, the news is still something of a surprise, and shows that Fox may actually be innovating within the stuffy confines of network TV.

As James Hibberd at Entertainment Weekly explained, Fox only ordered 13 episodes of the show in its first season, and this announcement doesn't mean that the network is simply expanding that order. Nope, it's getting an entirely new season, operating on essentially a cable TV model.  "Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly has previously said he wanted to do more cable-style short-order seasons, so this move shouldn’t be that big of a shock," Hibberd wrote. "But it’s one thing for a network executive to make such a declaration of restraint, quite another thing to actually do it once they get a show in a time slot that’s working and there’s a whole dark scary season stretching out before them." 

No matter what they might think about this particularly bonkers show, it would be wise for more networks to follow its scheduling model. The 22-episode season, especially for drama, has started to seem increasingly old fashioned, while the short and sweet yearly runs of cable shows have been so satisfying, and successful.

So Sleepy Hollow is the first victory of this lackluster new season. What comes next? Our money is on The Blacklist.

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