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Today in show business news: Sigourney Weaver has joined Neil Blomkamp's latest film, Noomi Rapace is going to play seven different people in one movie, and Cinemax renews Strike Back one more time.

Sigourney Weaver has starred in four Alien movies, two Ghostbusters movies, Galaxy Quest, and Avatar, and yet she is not tired of science fiction. Far from it, in fact! She wants to do more. And so she is, having just signed on to appear in Neil Blomkamp's next feature, Chappie. It's unclear what role she'll play, but the movie is about a "gifted robot, Chappie, who’s kidnapped by two criminals during birth." Aha! Maybe she plays the robot's mom? I know she's maybe a little old for the whole giving birth thing, but who knows how robots are born. Nobody knows! Neil Blomkamp is just straight-up making it up. So Sigourney could totally be a robot's moms. Here's hoping she is. [Deadline]

Speaking of sci-fi actresses, Noomi Rapace seems to be a fan of the genre too. She's just signed on to star in the sci-fi drama What Happened to Monday?, in which she will play septuplets. Yep, seven different characters! All played by one Noomi. The part was originally envisioned as a man, but director Tommy Wirkola liked Noomi. Yeah, the movie is being directed by Tommy Wirkola, who most recently made the positively dreadful, borderline unwatchable Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, so we shouldn't get too excited about this. But this is an indie kind of a thing, a more serious project, so there's some hope. I mean it's seven Noomis for the price of one Noomi! That's a pretty good Noomi bargain. [Variety]

Boom! Cinemax has renewed its rollicking action series Strike Back for a fourth season. The British co-production is a blood 'n' boobs-riddled extravaganza, brash and pigheaded and maybe just the teensiest bit politically troubling in its rah-rah cheering for British and American involvement in various international intrigues and espionage. But, whatever, it's a ludicrous blast, so a new season is good news. Though, sadly, it will be its last. Better make it a good one, boys. Also, maybe next time don't make the show's only gay person a murderous terrorist nightmare. Thanks! [Entertainment Weekly]

David Arquette has signed on to play the infamous Canadian serial killer Keith Hunter Jesperson, nicknamed the Happy Face Killer, in a new movie from Lifetime: Television For Terrifying Women About Murderers. So first he plays a guy trying to catch a serial killer, then he plays a serial killer.  You know what comes next. That's right, David Arquette is going to solve a real-life serial murder case. And then, of course, he'll become a murderer himself. That's just how Hollywood careers work. Life imitates art, etc. [Deadline]

Here, for no reason really, is a slideshow of CBS head Les Moonves's screening room. His screening room at his mansion. It includes a "powder room," a lounge, and a wet bar. That's what Julie Chen comes home to after a long day at Big Brother and The Talk. She and Les just sit down in a corner of their big, echoing mansion and watch a movie or something. How nice for them. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here is a trailer for 47 Ronin, an action epic that stars Keanu Reeves as a white man who is living in ancient, mystical Japan for some reason. Rinko Kikuchi is the villain, and Hiroyuki Sanada, from Lost, is his spiritual guide or something. The movie long-delayed and looks kinda silly. Oh well. Keanu's back!

And here is another promo for HBO's True Detective, a moody Southern miniseries about a serial killer. Oh and it stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson! It looks... moody. That's all there really is to say about it. It's moody. Will it be good? We'll all find out in January.

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