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At least one Hillary Clinton project is still happening. And it's getting more romantic. The feature film Rodham is "quietly inching forward," according to Michael Cieply and Amy Chozick of the New York Times, and a new draft of the script is said to focus more on the love story between Hillary and Bill. 

Though the CNN Films' documentary and NBC miniseries about Clinton collapsed earlier this week under pressure from both the Republican National Committee and the Clinton team, Rodham seems to have avoided the political critiques—for now. That is perhaps because, Cieply and Chozick speculate, it's not connected with an organization that has a news division covering Clinton. 

Rodham however may also avoid the same scrutiny because it's focusing on a much different version of Hillary. While the documentarian enlisted by CNN, Charles Ferguson, explained in a Huffington Post piece that he wanted to "explore" what Bill and Hillary learned when Bill was in office, Rodham aims to look at a 20-something Hillary, and her time working with the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate scandal. Though the film drew attention earlier this year when The Daily Beast highlighted some of the more scandalous bits of the script, Cieply and Chozick write that the new draft of the script "will be more genteel, with a greater focus on the love story." (In the early draft Hillary at one point tells Bill, "I f--kin’ love you. I mean that. I love you, and I want to f--k you.") 

By focusing on the romance between Hillary and Bill as opposed to Hillary's work as a lawyer, it seems that Rodham is trying its hardest to avoid commenting on Hillary's qualifications as a leader. James Ponsoldt, the director attached, told The Atlantic Wire that he's "not really interested in airing the dirty laundry of famous people" and the story "predates any of the feelings people have about the Clintons for better or for worse." Though the film still needs a financier and a cast, this might be the one take on Hillary to actually get produced. Though, conservative group Citizens United is also moving forward with their plans for a Clinton documentary. 

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