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Peyton Manning, celebrated player of footed-ball, is enjoying some success off the field as well. Last year he bought 21 Papa John's pizza franchises in the Denver area and now, a year later, sales are up 25 percent. Partly because people want to eat at a pizza parlor owned by Peyton Manning (he's been known to make surprise appearances) or really any celebrity, but mostly because people just want pizza. More and more each year, people want them some pizza. And so they are buying it, making Manning even richer in the process. So when his football days are behind him, he can always fall back on his burgeoning pizzapie empire. That must be nice to know.  A comfort. Meanwhile, jealous little brother Eli eyes a Subway restaurant, and like the beginning of all great or tragic stories, begins to dream. [TMZ]

Speaking of financially healthy celebrities, Uma Thurman has just purchased herself a tidy little $10 million, 13-room apartment in New York City. Not only that, but the building she bought in, the infamous River House, has an extremely selective co-op board, so she gets the added social cachet of having passed muster. The building is an old and storied one, home to many a titan of many an industry over the years. Gloria Vanderbilt and Diane Keaton were denied entrance. The co-op board once scorned Joan Crawford. But not Uma. No, Uma is in. The question I have, though, is why anyone would want to live there. It's on 52nd and the river. Or more like 52nd and the highway. I mean, east Midtown? Snooze. And Uma used to live in the Village! That's much better! I suppose with her children and all it's easier to be closer to their schools (I'm assuming they go to one of the private schools on the Upper East or Upper West Side), but beyond that, fehhh. What a dull neighborhood. Though I guess sometimes dull is what you want, or need. That might be all that's going on here. [Page Six]

Because Lindsay Lohan is rumored to be dating a younger man, Page Six wonders in a headline "Lindsay Lohan addicted to younger men?" See, right now she's supposedly dating some 19-year-old and previously she supposedly dated some 18-year-old, so there's a trend. Maybe she is trying to recapture some lost years. Her own late teen years didn't go so well, so it could be that by dating these younger guys she feels almost like she's back there, like she can relive it, better this time, somehow. Or it's possible that Lindsay Lohan is dating this 19-year-old, a model named Liam Dean, because he looks like this. That might have something to do with it! But who really knows the mysteries of her heart. [Page Six]

Though Gwyneth Paltrow, a single harpsichord note held for 41 years, has urged her celebrity friends NOT to cooperate with Vanity Fair should they come looking to do a profile, because the magazine has been mean to Hollywood lately and Gwyneth is not happy about it, the publication is still planning a big piece on Paltrow. Editor Graydon Carter says of the piece, "We have a very good writer and it'll run." Oohh! What will it say? Will Gwyneth be furious? An eager world waits. Meanwhile, lifestyle ur-guru Martha Stewart mentioned Paltrow in an interview and seemed bemused by the actress's cookbooks and lifestyle newsletter GOOP. "I haven’t eaten at Gwyneth’s house," she said. "And I’ve never seen how she lives. But. If she’s authentic, all the better. And I mean, I certainly hope she is." Uh oh. She then added, "She really wants to be a part of the lifestyle business" before shading her with "She must be doing something right. She’s a charming pretty person, who … um … has a feeling for lifestyle." Yikes! This line of questioning likely stems from the fact that Paltrow mentioned having hurt feelings about Stewart not staying to eat at a dinner party for her first cookbook. "I had a lot of nervous anticipation about it," poor Paltrow explained. "I spent all of Sunday cooking and preparing everything." Aw! Martha! Why didn't you stay? You should have stayed. Come on, you gals should make up. This is ridiculous. You are both crystalline shimmer-beings from some white dimension visible only to moths and precogs, so you should be friends. You are of the same people. And there are so few of you here on this Earth. So patch things up or one of you is gonna be stuck hanging out with Robin Wright. And she is mean. [Us Weekly; Radar]

Jamie Foxx says he and Katie Holmes are definitely not dating, even though that's what the scuttlebutt has been for a little while now. He says the rumors are "100 percent not true," and said that all they were doing was dancing together at a charity function. That's it. So all you Koxx shippers out there need to calm the heck down. You can have your little stories on your message boards or wherever you post that filth, but leave the real Katie and Jamie alone. Because that 'ship has not sailed. They are not the OTP or whatever. They're just Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. Friends, occasional charity dance partners, and that's it. So everyone settle down. [People]

Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries has broken up with her boyfriend of six weeks, Derek Hough from Ryan Seacrest's hot tub Dancing with the Stars. Six weeks?? How terrible. I really thought they had a chance. I mean, they seemed so in love. They way they clung to each other on their first date. Such chemistry. But now, it's over. Supposedly because of long distance. Alas. Back when they first started dating, those six long weeks ago, a supposed friend of Hough's told Us Weekly, "He said he hasn't felt this way for a girl in a long time." Or ever! He hadn't felt that way, for a girl, maybe ever. And now, on this sad day, we realize he maybe didn't really feel that way about Nina, a girl, either. [Us Weekly]

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