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No one really wants to leave the world of Breaking Bad behind. Even though the in-the-works spinoff is about lawyer Saul Goodman and takes place before their characters met, expect Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to make cameo appearances.

In a cover story for The Hollywood Reporter about creator Vince Gilligan's path after Breaking Bad, Gilligan revealed details about Better Call Saul, and mentioned that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have shown interest in appearing on the new show. "Personally, I'd have a hard time resisting putting all these guys in for a cameo or two every now and then," Gilligan said. 

But don't expect the show to be exactly like Breaking Bad. Gilligan revealed that the new venture—which will likely be set in an office—will be a much lighter affair than Breaking Bad, and was initially conceived as a half-hour sitcom. Though Gilligan and showrunner Peter Gould settled on an hour-long format, THR's Lacey Rose explained that "if Bad was 75 percent dramatic and 25 percent comedic, Saul will be the opposite." 

So expect Jesse's "bitches" to be followed by laughs, not horrors.

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