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Your fall is looking very Ron Swanson-less. Josef Adalian at Vulture noted that of NBC's rebooted schedule following last Friday's cancellation of Welcome to the Family: the network is shelving Parks and Recreation for most of the rest of the year. 

Starting this week, when it gets replaced with a Voice repeat, Parks and Rec will get bumped for other programming for all but two nights until January: there will be back-to-back episodes on November 7 and November 14 and that's it. In the meantime, viewers will get more The Voicesome SNL specials, that  Sound of Music special, The Sing-Off, and Community's double episode return. 

Now, Parks and Rec's ratings aren't much better than the ratings for NBC's new Thursday night comedies, but it has a devoted fan base. Why deprive them? It's "simple," according to Adalian. "The network desperately wants to get more viewers to sample 9 p.m. comedy Sean Saves the World," he wrote. "It's betting that all of the special programming it's planned for the 8 p.m. hour will do better than Parks, thus boosting Sean."

That makes sense, but it's also highlights what's been so frustrating about NBC's Thursday night strategy all along. After losing the critically acclaimed 30 Rock and The Office, the network brought on a bunch of middle-brow, family-oriented comedies, which they hoped would translate into big hits. Those show's like WelcomeSean, and The Michael J. Fox show have disappointed, so the network is giving the smart, sweet, beloved Parks the boot for now. Adalian cautions that this doesn't mean Parks won't be awarded another season, but it does leave little faith in its network.


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