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After a mysterious and bizarre alleged disagreement with his publisher, a possible publicity stunt, and lots of anticipation, Smiths frontman Morrissey has announced that that his autobiography, all 480 pages of it, will be released on October 17th. The statement announcing the launch appeared on the semi-official site True to You on Thursday.

If that site sounds familiar, that's because it is the same site that announced around a month ago (three days before the autobiography's intended release date) that a last-minute disagreement between Morrissey and Penguin prevented the book from being published on September 16. That spat was odd in that neither Morrissey or Penguin had hyped the release of the book, and Penguin had declined to comment on both the book and whether or not they even reached a book deal with the famed singer, thereby making the whole thing seem like a publicity stunt. The book wasn't even available for pre-ordering, nor did Penguin promote the book on its website. 

This time, however, the book appears on both Amazon and Penguin's, sites making it seem more legit than it did a few weeks ago. The book will cover Morrissey's whole life; according to the man himself, he actually finished this hefty tome back in 2011. "Most pop stars have to be dead before they reach the iconic status that Morrissey has reached in his lifetime," the book's description reads. A Penguin Classics autobiography sets that bar even higher. 

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