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Morning Joe co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough participated in a panel discussion at Columbia's journalism school Tuesday night, and Brzezinski did more than just give advice. According to Capital New York reporter Peter Sterne, Brzezinski helped one young woman land a meeting with a CBS executive. She also posed for Instagram selfies with female students who attended.

Sterne reports that a 24-year-old journalist at Newspath approached Brzezinski after the panel, asking for advice on how to break out of her current job. Brezezinski made a call to an exec at CBS, her old network, right then and there. 

Only snatches of the conversation between Brzezinski and the CBS executive could be overheard from where the young woman stood—“she’ll be in your office for 5 minutes to talk,” “she is languishing in her current job,”—but it was clear that Brzezinski had arranged a meeting between the reporter in the purple sweater and someone high up at the network.

Brzezinski later told Sterne she made the call "because that’s what women should do for each other, anyone should do for anyone! And because I can.” She continued by praising the young woman she helped: “I can tell she’s going to be a star. She just needs a break. I made the meeting. I would have loved for someone to have done that for me, let me just tell you.”

Not every young woman walked out of the panel with Brzezinski-arranged meeting, but plenty got selfies to post to Twitter and Instagram (apparently Brzezinski told the women to "check if it's good" before posting). 

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